December 16, 2015

Dog Sleepovers


Our Luxurious rooms range from a presidential suite, spacious enough to accommodate even the largest 4-legged family, to a simple, comfortable guest room. Each room contains everything your pet needs to feel right at home, plush bedding, clean bowls for food and water and even a flat screen television in our luxury suites.

Pets needing medication will be administered by qualified staff members as directed.

Medication fee – $2.00 per pet per medication administration.


Presidential Suite

Presidential Suite

Las Vegas Suite

Las Vegas Suite

 Deluxe RoomDeluxe Room

Guest Room

Guest Room



Dog Walks and Playtime

Check out time is 6pm.

Walks are at: 7:00am, 12:00pm, 5:00pm. 9:00pm

Dogs boarding overnight at The Majestic Pet Hotel will go on late night walks at 9:00 pm. This service is available every day for boarders at no extra charge!

For dogs staying more than a day or active dogs, we also recommend enrolling your dog in our Play Day program during their stay where they will take part in play groups throughout the day.

Boarder Group Playtime Pricing:

Single Pet Single Day
Regular Price
Same Pet Second Day
25% Discount
Same Pet Days 3 – 5
50% Discount
Second Pet on All Days
50% Discount
Third Pet on All Days
Always Free

Dog Boarding Rates

Check out time is no later than 5:00 pm or you will be charged for another night stay.

Presidential Suite (8’ x 8’ Enclosed Room beautifully decorated, flat-screen television, glass front door, accommodates up to 5 pets) 1st Pet – $66.00 per night
2nd Pet – $0.00 per night
3+ Pets – $11.00 per night
Luxury Suite (4’x8’ Enclosed Room Individually Themed with flat-screen television and glass front door) 1st Pet – $36.00 per night
2nd Pet – $21.00 per night
3+ Pets – $11.00 per night
Deluxe Guest Rooms (4’ x 6’ Floor to Ceiling Run) 1st. Pet – $26.00 per night
2nd. Pet – $23.00 per night
3+ Pet – $11.00 per night
Guest Rooms (Approx 4’ x 4’ Stackable Unit, Best suited for dogs under 35 lbs) 1st Pet – $21.00 per night
2nd.Pet – $19.00 per night
3+ Pet – $11.00 per night

Please note: It will be $4 more per night per pet for peak boarding time. Please check the appropriate pricing option above, or call us at 281-474-1244 if you have questions about pricing.

Below are the 2017 Peak Boarding Times for The Majestic Pet Hotel:
Additional fees/deposits will apply during these time periods.

February 3rd-6th March 10th-19th April 14-16th
May 26th-29th June 30th-July 4th September 1st-4th
November 17th-26th December 15th– January 3rd

Check out time is no later than 6:00 pm or you will be charged for another night stay.

Cancellation Policy: *A $75 deposit will be required during peak boarding times. Cancellations must be received 48 hours prior to check-in time to receive a refund.

Please inquire about our nightly tuck-in service as well as snuggle-time.

*For your protection, and ours, all animals boarding at the hotel will be given a Capstar upon arrival. Capstar is an over-the-counter medication that will kill any fleas present within 30 minutes and remain effective for up to 24 hrs. The cost of Capstar is $4.00 and is required for stay at the hotel.

Required Vaccines: ALL VACCINES-current 48 hours prior to boarding, daycare, grooming, etc!

  • Dogs: Rabies, DHPP (distemper/parvo), Bordetella (given every 6 months)