December 16, 2015



We have several areas to choose from when picking a place for your pet to spend the night. Our sleep areas range from small to the Presidential suite. Each pet is exercised three times daily. Fresh water is supplied at all times and food is provided as directed by you the owner. For those who choose not to bring your pets food we provide Royal Canine, intestinal low fat diet.

Please note: There will be a $4 increase per night, per pet during peak season. Please check the appropriate pricing page above, or call us at 281-474-1244 if you have questions about pricing.

Below are the 2016 Peak Boarding Times for The Majestic Pet Hotel:

March 11 – 21, 25 – 28 May 27 – 31 July 1 – 5
September 2 – 6 November 18 – 28 December 16 – January 3

Dog Walks

We now offer late night dog walks at 9:00 pm!

Dogs boarding overnight at The Majestic Pet Hotel will go on late night walks at 9:00 pm. This service is available every day for boarders at no extra charge! Your pet will enjoy the exercise and attention.

Please call us at 281-474-1244 to schedule your pet’s next boarding date with us. We look forward to caring for the needs of your loved one!